Job title Experience Place Release date requirements
South China Sales Engineer more than a year shanghai 2016-08-05 Detailed

South China Sales Engineer

Age: 20 to 35

Education: College

Work experience: more than one year

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for client development in South China and neighboring markets, develop marketing plans and goals based on market conditions, to establish cooperative relationships with customers;

2, product line manager is responsible for coordinating related product promotion, sales and customer business negotiations, to reach orders, shipping orders and follow up loan recovery;

3, to help customers solve the needs of custom orders and shipping issues and maintain customer relationships through a variety of ways

4, to understand and grasp the market information to understand the product planning and customer project status, update and timely feedback

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, CET-4,25 -35 years of age, 1--2 years experience in sales of electronic components or its peripheral products;

2. South China region components market have a more profound understanding of the information can timely grasp market changes;

3. Have strong communication and negotiation skills, responsibility, team spirit, good planning and execution;

4. requires domestic brands in the industry large customer sales and management 

Purchasing Assistant more than a year shanghai 2016-08-05 Detailed

Purchasing Assistant

Xian Nvxing

Age: 20 to 30

Education: College

Work experience: more than one year


1. Assist purchase offer, sample application, purchase orders;

2. The track delivery, in accordance with customer demand for timely arrangements for the purchase;

3. Monthly reconciliation with suppliers, and financial reconciliation to ensure that our receivables and supplier agreement;

4. regular and direct communication manager CS routine matters;

5. regular and direct sales, PM communication customers, suppliers information;

6. financial officers often do reconciliation, payment requests and other work;

7. often to do with the arrival of logistics to communicate in advance to submit notice of arrival;

8. The communication price, delivery, and other suppliers with sales window;

9. communication with suppliers arrival Assistant window, reconciliation, etc;

job requirements:

1. Relevant work experience priority

2. Proficient in excel, word and other office software

3. handle English Mail