2016 Annual Conference was held Panasonic dealer


April 23, 2016 - 24, by Panasonic Industrial (China) Co., Ltd. hosted "wind and rain accompanied by tomorrow to - - year 2016 Panasonic Dealer Conference" was held in Shanghai. Dealers from all regions of the country, the leadership of the Matsushita Group gathered a total win-win cooperation start a new chapter. I Division, as an agent of Panasonic, was invited to participate in the meeting.


The theme of the Conference of dealers "rain accompanied hand in hand tomorrow," meaning deep, which is Panasonic hope and distributors around together to build a "win-win situation," the best interpretation.

Meeting, Matsushita Electrical and Mechanical became the first general manager Ji Yan Zhiming made a wonderful speech, explained the company's policy of fiscal 2016 in terms of the overall situation, the performance situation, strategy and tactics, transformation and innovation, etc., clear the dealer "transformation total built into "the three expectations.


Secondary distributors in April 24 Assembly ended, a new journey is about to begin. Through the success of the conference will be held, to deepen mutual understanding and exchange between Panasonic and distributors to improve the confidence of dealers and Panasonic cooperation. I believe 2016 will be able to Matsushita and auto together to overcome the challenges from the market, and grow together.


Our colleagues are invited to participate in this meeting