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About Texin

Texin (Hong Kong) Electronics Co.,Ltd. was founded in March 1999,it is a professional electronic component agent more than 10 years.
The company is headquartered in Shanghai,and sales network covering many cities.Texin has set up offices in
Shenzhen,HongKong,Beijing,Hangzhou,Kunshan,Chongqing,Canada,Singapore and

Brand Products
Contact Position
TEL:021- 51516111 FAX:021-60833568
4th Floors,No.62 , 99 Lane Chunguang Road(Near Shennan Road),Minhang District,Shanghai

TEL:0512-55118355 FAX:0512-55118364
Room 1713,Unit B,Modern Plaza,No.8 Weiye Road,Development Zone,Kunshan City,Jiangsu Province

Room 607,Block 2,Yuanpumanshan Building,No.71 Songzhuang Road,Fengtai District,Beijing

TEL:0754-89983716 FAX:0754-89983716
Room 907,Tianhe Apartment,No.23 Huanghe Road,Longhu District,Shantou City,Guangdong Province

TEL:0755-83503590(92) FAX:0755-82516685
Room 727-30,Nuobo Plaza,No. 269 Qianjin 1st Road,Baoan District,Shenzhen

TEL:0571-28038729 FAX:0571-28038727
Room 632,Unit East A , Zhejiang University Science Park , No.525 Xixi Road,Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province

Room 1718 ,17 Floor WAN LOK Industrial Centre,37-41 Shanmei Street,Fotan,Shatian,NT.,HongKong

Room 6-14,No.175 Yeshuigou , East Jianxin Road , Guanyin Bridge , Jiangbei District,Chongqing